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3 Takeaways from “The New Guest Experience Essentials” IAAPA Webinar

On August 19th we were pleased to present an IAAPA Education webcast: “The New Guest Experience Essentials,” with accesso chief commercial officer Andrew Jacobs and senior vice president - enterprise solutions Ben Mathews. Andrew and Ben shared insights into the latest technology trends impacting the theme parks and attractions industries, with particular focus on the ever-increasing expectations of guests. Watch the full recording here (via IAAPA) or read on for a quick summary of the top three things you need to know.

1. Easy-to-Use eCommerce Is Essential

A beautiful and engaging online storefront can play a huge role in driving sales, as research shows that users who have a negative experience on a website are 62% less likely to purchase from a business in the future. With the right eCommerce solution, like our award-winning accesso Passport® online ticketing system, you can provide an enjoyable eCommerce experience for your guests and prime your business for success. Essential components include:

  • An intuitive platform that is easy to navigate
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • The ability to Up-sell, Cross-sell and Quick-sell
  • A comprehensive storefront that lets you sell anything, anywhere
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Cart abandonment emails

With the award-winning accesso Passport eCommerce platform, it’s never been easier to cater to your guests’ needs. You can sell more tickets, build customer loyalty, reduce IT burden, and best of all—stress less.

2. When Guests Wait Less, They Enjoy More (And Everyone Wins)

When reflecting upon the greatest elements of a theme park, we want guests to remember the marvelous rides, the breathtaking scenery, the delicious food, and the fun souvenirs—not the lines. Implementing a virtual queuing system like our accesso LoQueue® solution can get guests out of lines and into more enjoyable experiences. In a recent study by one of our theme park clients who uses the Qsmart® virtual queuing application for mobile, 96% of guests said Qsmart improved their visit. Virtual queuing can help your venue increase revenue and make guests happier, no matter what style of virtual queuing you decide to implement:

Mobile food ordering is another great way to reduce lines. This technology lets guests explore the menu at their own pace, place their order, and pay for the meal all from their mobile device. Learn more of the benefits of mobile food ordering here.

3. Unifying The Guest Journey Can Help You Give Your Guests the Best Experience Possible

Guests have high expectations for a seamless visit at your venue. Providing easy access to the information they need to enjoy their day is essential. Mobile apps can help you deliver park information, virtual queuing, navigation, F&B ordering and more. You can also use a guest experience management platform like The Experience EngineTM (TE2) to help deliver personalized, contextual messages to guests during their visit. TE2 allows you to gather data, segment it and deliver relevant messages to guests based on their activity in your park. This helps guide your guests to richer, more enjoyable experiences that deliver value for all.

Learn how Village Roadshow Theme Parks transformed the guest experience and increased revenue here.

Watch the IAAPA webcast to learn more. If you’re interested in learning how our accesso solutions can help you transform the guest experience and stay ahead of the curve, contact us today.

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