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3 Reasons to Consider Call Center Outsourcing

I hear it all the time in my travels visiting large and small venues across North America: from sports arenas to non-profit theatres, venues just do not have enough time and labor resources to provide the customer service they wish they could. Budgets are tight and labor costs continue to rise, resulting in leaner box office operations and often, stressed out staff. The solution in the past has been to either reduce box office hours or cut back on staff, but there’s a third option: to extend your ticketing operations with a white label call center. Read on to discover three ways that partnering with a white label call center can benefit your venue.

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Client Seminar

A client seminar is a great opportunity to learn from industry experts. Attendees have the chance to participate in sessions that focus on specific educational topics, ask questions and share ideas with other attendees. Most client seminars act as an intensive training camp that usually take place over the course of several days. From interactive time with a new product to open discussions, multiple speakers and teachers take the time to share their perspectives and helpful hints related to the topics at hand. Attending a client seminar provides many benefits, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, and renewing motivation and confidence.

How to Sell More Tickets Using the Principle of Scarcity

Scarcity is a powerful driver in purchasing behavior. Consumers tend to place additional value on items they believe are in limited supply or difficult to acquire, making them more inclined to purchase. If you’re not leveraging the principle of scarcity to sell tickets and promote events at your venue, you are missing out on a great opportunity! (See what we did there?). Read on to discover new ideas for using scarcity in your marketing promotions so you can sell more tickets, increase revenue and reach new audiences.

accesso Webinar Series: What's New in accesso Siriusware

At accesso, we are dedicated to helping our clients exceed guest expectations through innovative technology solutions that are never frozen in time. The latest updates to our accesso Siriusware solution are designed to help operators increase revenue, reduce long lines and improve guest satisfaction. Our accesso Siriusware Director of Product Management Louis Aguila introduced clients to these exciting new features in a recent webinar.

accesso Webinar Series: What's New in accesso ShoWare (June 2019)

In 2018, our accesso ShoWare box office ticketing solution churned out new enhancements at a thunderous pace. As we moved into 2019, we have continued on this pace to stay ahead of the needs of our clients. Watch and learn about the latest new features to our accesso ShoWare ticketing solution, including our brand new Interactive Seat Maps Functionality, presented by Joe Wettstead, accesso ShoWare Vice President of Client Success, and Drew Belmont, accesso ShoWare Product Director.

3 Alternatives for the Time You Spend on Vouchers

One of the biggest opportunities for revenue growth in institutions of all sizes is third party ticket sales, but this can be easily offset by the labor burden of reconciling vouchers. Luckily, there’s a fix for the old-school voucher process with Ingresso, our real-time distribution platform that utilizes a single digital connection to allow venues to sell live inventory directly from their museum admissions software. With a digital reinvention of your third-party live ticket sales, you might wonder what you’ll do with your new-found time when your institution stops selling ticket vouchers. Below are some ideas.