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accesso Webinar Series Presents: Email Marketing Made Easy with our accesso ShoWare Solution!

Email marketing is a vital part of the marketing mix for promoters of live events and performances, but this channel of communication is becoming increasingly cluttered. Every day there are at least 205 billion emails sent worldwide, from personal emails to newsletters and more (Radicati Group). With our inboxes so inundated with messages daily, how do marketers ensure that campaigns are successful, and that their resources are spent wisely? For clients of our accesso ShoWare solution, we have partnered with Emma® to deliver a robust email marketing integration that allows you to easily create, launch and monitor targeted email marketing campaigns directly from your accesso ShoWare account.

accesso Blog Series: Why Millennials, Why Now.

Millennials make up the largest generation to date, representing more than one quarter of the United States’ population and possessing more than $600 billion in buying power each year. By 2020, millennials are expected to account for 30 percent of retail sales in the United States.

accesso Webinar Series Presents: Simple Tips to Increase Online Conversions.

Shopping cart abandonment is a major problem facing all online retailers, whether you are selling a product or the experience of attending a live event at your venue. Business Insider recently estimated that collectively, shopping cart abandonment amounts to $4.6 trillion in lost revenue every year. While some of this loss is bound to happen, there are ways that you can minimize it for your organization and turn abandoned shopping carts into profitable online conversions.