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accesso Learning Series: Simplify Your Camp Registration with accesso!

Still using lengthy and easily-misplaced paper forms to track and manage your camp registration? What if we told you there is a better way? Whether you manage a theme park, a ski resort or a museum, our new Camps feature can streamline the online camp registration process for your organization. Watch as accesso Sales Engineer Stephanie Horwath introduces this innovative new feature in a demo and continue reading to uncover how beneficial this feature can be for your venue.

accesso Blog Series: Buyer Beware! How to Help Your Patrons Avoid Ticketing Scams.

Ticket spoofing is a major problem facing the ticketing industry. Every day, our accesso ShoWare ticketing call center receives at least one phone call from an upset patron who has fallen victim to one of these schemes, convinced that an unscrupulous vendor was actually the primary ticketing source for an event. These stories can be heartbreaking, and unfortunately, there is very little that can be done once the tickets have been purchased. Once the patron realizes they purchased from a broker, it can be challenging to help them understand it was actually their error. Read on to discover the latest tactics used by these vendors and our best advice for tackling this issue.

accesso Webinar Series: Ingresso and accesso Siriusware Integration

The Ingresso distribution system helps venues and attractions digitize the voucher process and increase revenue effortlessly, connecting visitors, venues and distributors from all across the world with one simple API connection. As a follow-up to last year’s webinar on Ingresso for accesso ShoWare clients, Ingresso Sales & Content Acquisition Director Melanie Dearle and accesso Vice President of Sales Mechele Larmore recently presented an overview of the Ingresso solution for accesso Siriusware clients. Watch our webinar and read on to learn about how the solution works, the highlights of our strategic partnership with Google, and the benefits of API.

People of accesso: Valerie Wierenga – On Culture, Teamwork and Working in Tech

In October, we kicked off the “People of accesso” blog series with the goal of highlighting some of the incredible and passionate professionals that make up the accesso team. Beginning with CEO Paul Noland and on to EMEA Director of Ticketing Operations Robin Goodchild, we’ve returned to the states to share some insight from one of the leaders of our office in Lake Mary, Florida – accesso Product Owner of Ticketing Research and Development Valerie Wierenga – to take a closer look at the accesso company culture, the importance of investing in others and what it’s like to be a woman in technology.

accesso Webinar Series: Best Practices for Cancelling a Show

Having to cancel or reschedule a show can be a very hectic, frustrating and all-around stressful process for a venue and even its patrons! Luckily, with the right strategy, execution plan and ticketing software, you can help minimize the damage. accesso ShoWare Director of Client Success Joe Wettstead and Client Services Manager Mikala Thompson share their insider tips and best practices for canceling & rescheduling events.