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People of accesso: Robin Goodchild – From England to America and Back Again

At accesso, many of our team members come from backgrounds working within the industries we serve. We pride ourselves on being experienced operators who run a technology company serving the attractions space, versus a technology company that happens to serve the market. 

accesso EMEA Director of Ticketing Operations Robin Goodchild is a shining example of this, having spent 16 years in amusement and attractions management before joining the accesso family. His passion for people first attracted him to the industry in 2000 and has served as the driving force of his career ever since. So, we sat down with Robin to learn more about his time in the industry, his change of course to the supplier side and what he sees as the greatest priorities for our European clients. 

accesso Webinar Series: eCommerce Imagery Best Practices.

It’s widely said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether you are selling tickets, meal deals or season passes, the images that you use online have a major influence on a guest’s decision to purchase. If you’re not a graphic designer, though, how do you know the difference between imagery that will convert and imagery that won’t? We recently asked Jeff Prystaijko, one of our senior designers at accesso, to share insights into eCommerce imagery best practices gained from nearly 15 years of design experience within the amusement and attractions industry.