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Restaurant & Retail Solutions

The point-of-sale of the future is fast and friction-free.

Introducing the newest addition to accesso's trusted line of technology: accesso FreedomSM. A scalable, modular and cloud-native solution, accesso Freedom unifies retail and restaurant sales points to provide seamless guest experiences and streamlined operations.

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    Delight Your Guests

    Allow guests flexibility to purchase restaurant or retail products using kiosks, mobile phones, and operator-driven transactions.

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    Increase Revenue

    Accelerate transactions at every sales point, and drive higher cart values with enhanced self-service options for your guests.

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    Unify the Experience

    Ensure guests enjoy the same great experience at every sales point, with consistent pricing, offers and promotions.

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    Streamline Operations

    Improve efficiency and consistency with a single system to manage both restaurant and retail operations.

Discover the one-stop-shop for all your shops!

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Restaurant and Retail Sales - Reimagined

Today's guests expect exceptional experiences, and accesso Freedom can help your venue deliver! Meet guests anywhere, on any device with beautiful and intuitive ordering experiences. Providing a comprehensive view of a venue’s sales points, accesso Freedom empowers operators to easily manage, control and enhance guest engagement unlike ever before.

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    Consistent Journeys

    Unified store management ensures that - regardless of how guests choose to shop - they enjoy the same pricing, packages and promotions.

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    Operational Excellence

    Utilize user-friendly back-end management, as well as reports and dashboards, to help your team realize their fullest potential.

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    Flexible Integration Options

    Enjoy a wealth of powerful integration options including inventory management, plus support for cashless wallets and entitlements.

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    Easy Solution Management

    Easily import products via CSV, implement bulk price and product updates, set up complex discounts and scenarios - and so much more.

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    Hands-off Updates

    Leave time-consuming software updates to your accesso support team, with comprehensive update management included with your solution.

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    Seamless Kitchen Management

    Simplify operations for your food-service staff with powerful kitchen management tools for orders across all touchpoints.

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    Delicious on Any Device

    Empower guests to place food orders from any device with ease, from classic table service to mobile pre-order to self-service kiosks.


Maximize Your Restaurant & Retail Operations

Enjoy seamless, unified transactions across countertop, mobile and self-service kiosks.

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