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Point of Sale Ticketing System

Customize Your Point of Sale Ticketing System, Enhance Your Operations

Your venue is unique, so why settle for cookie-cutter technology? Our accesso Siriusware point of sale ticketing system can provide customized solutions for every storefront. Gain insight into your guests and your operations with our all-in-one, integrated system.

  • Choose Your Modules

    Customize your point of sale solution and choose only the modules you need. Add on salespoints or modules at any time.

  • Enhance Your Operations

    One singular platform and centralized database makes it easy to track guest activity and understand behavior.

  • Accelerate Guest Service

    With our intuitive interface and button-driven menus, staff can focus more on guests and less on time-consuming transactions.

  • Cultivate Loyalty

    Serve every type of guest and keep them coming back with robust tools for memberships, camps, tours, ski school, rentals and more.

Simplify Operations with Customized Salespoint Solutions

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Does Your Technology Make You Smile?

Technology should be the solution, not the problem. If your technology is not making your life easier, then it might be time to make the switch to an all-in-one, integrated point of sale ticketing system that gives you control, data and the confidence you need to make informed business decisions.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

    Process transactions quickly, with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. With our intuitive interface and button-driven menus, staff can easily move from one location to another.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Connected modules and flexible integrations allow you to connect the dots across your venue. Some current integrations include Axess, 1Risk, Inntopia and more.

  • Stay in Control

    Easily set up, configure and manage your storefronts. Plus, decide what reports you want, when you want them and exactly how they should be delivered.

Serve Up Five-Star Food Service

There’s a fine line between hungry and “hangry.” Reduce service lines and quickly get your guests seated, served and smiling with our F&B solutions designed for every type of food service!

  • Quick Service

    Use our specialized button-driven interface to create speedy and simple food and beverage sales experiences with the Quick Service Food and Beverage module.

  • Fine Dining

    Enjoy all the functionality needed to support a fine dining experience, from tip management to kitchen and bar printing and more with the Fine Dining Food and Beverage module.

  • Bar

    Make bar management easy with our button-driven interface and simple tab functionality.

  • Remote Kitchen Printing

    You can configure up to eight remote kitchen printers with specialized unique layouts for Quick Service, Fine Dining and Bar setup.

  • F&B Kiosk

    Featuring cutting-edge technology, our Self-Service Station gives guests a convenient, engaging and intuitive experience that can help reduce long lines, drive revenue and improve guest satisfaction.

Take the Guesswork Out of Growing Memberships and Season Passes

Solving the puzzle of increasing memberships and season passes can be a daunting challenge if you don’t have the right tools. Empower your staff with robust functionality to help you attract and retain your most loyal customers.

  • Create Compelling Programs

    Design enticing memberships to appeal to every audience. Provide unlimited or limited benefits, set expirations and allow guests to redeem with ease.

  • Membership & Passholder Benefits and Discounts

    Manage members-only promotions easily, including loyalty/frequency programs and multi-use cards. Make it quick and easy to offer special promotions and perks to your most loyal guests.

  • Payment Plans

    Memberships and season passes can be a significant investment for your guests. Make their decision easier by offering Payment Plans as an option that's easy on the wallet and simple for your operations staff to manage.

  • Track Guests and Monitor Use

    Track pass holder upgrades, renewals and reprints. Keep track of how guests use your services with a centralized database that stores guest information such as invoices, rentals and more.

  • Manage Guest Data

    Collect and manage pertinent guest data such as birthdays, t-shirt sizes, rental history and more.

  • CRM Integrations

    Build and maintain great guest relationships with our CRM solutions - now with Raiser's Edge and Salesforce integration.


Enhance Your Operations

Accelerate transactions, customize your modules and gain powerful reporting insights with our accesso Siriusware all-in-one point of sale system.

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Guest Management Solutions

Stress less and accomplish more with comprehensive guest management tools that streamline operations from the front gate to the gift shop and everything in between.

  • Reservations

    Designed for call and contact centers, our Reservations module provides advance reservations and fulfillment features. Reserve products from your accesso system in a single seamless transaction, with or without payment or deposit.

  • Loyalty Programs

    With features for frequency programs and multi-use cards, it's easy to manage your loyalty programs with our point of sale ticketing system.

  • Scheduling

    Enjoy easy and efficient scheduling with our intuitive graphic interface. Book group or private lessons, reserve party rooms, schedule a tour or any other limited-capacity resource.

  • Resource Scheduling

    Our Resource Scheduling module provides an integrated calendar tool for the purpose of scheduling group events. This tool is designed to help manage the various resources that your events require. Resources can be anything from a classroom to a docent and each resource has an associated calendar shown in real time.

Setting Our Clients Up for Success


As a world-class museum that sits in the center of an expansive race experience, The Barber Museum needed a system that could support robust museum operations as well as event sales.


Using the accesso Siriusware point of sale ticketing system, The Barber Museum created flexible ticketing packages around their special events to capture revenue opportunities.

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Ski Area Solutions

A new generation of skiers is hitting the slopes and their expectations are high. With over 20 years of experience in the ski industry, accesso can help you put your best boot forward with industry-leading technology solutions designed to move your guests faster, drive spending and boost retention. Help your skiers have a great day on the hill with powerful tools for ski school scheduling, rentals, purpose-built access control and more. Our fully-integrated platform allows you to gain business insights, discover opportunities for improvement and increase ROI.

  • Rentals

    Expedite rental processes, reduce lines and paperwork, manage inventory and availability all with one straightforward module. Our accesso Siriusware Rentals module is designed to be comprehensive and highly configurable to accommodate a wide variety of shop layouts and processes.

  • Ski School

    Scheduling is easy and efficient with our intuitive graphic interface and robust tools. Book group or private lessons, reserve rooms, schedule a tour or any other limited capacity resource .

  • Access Control

    Keep your area secure while gathering real-time admissions information. Our Access Control module works hand-in-hand with the accesso Siriusware Ticketing and Membership modules to track, and potentially restrict, visitors as they move through your site.

  • Cashless & Gift Cards

    Provide a no-hassle way for guest to pay for items and put cashless convenience at your guest's fingertips with robust gift card solutions. The capability of the module goes beyond simple gift cards and allows cards to be used as gift certificates or carry credit for member charging and related functions.


Sell More Online

Sell anything, anywhere, on any device with our award-winning, fully hosted accesso Passport online ticketing system.

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Fewer Headaches. More “A-Ha!” Moments.

Gain the insight you need to make impactful and long-lasting change. Decide what reports you want, when you want them and exactly how they should be delivered with our easy-to-use reporting module.

  • Custom Reports

    Modify reports or create new ones to suit your every need and educate your business decisions at every point of sale throughout your venue.

  • Scheduled Reports

    Manage the way you receive your data. Set up and configure the reports you need most to be automatically delivered to your email inbox when you need them.

  • Accounting Export

    Streamline financial reporting, automate time-consuming processes and eliminate errors with our highly-customizable Accounting Export tool.

Gift Card and Payment Solutions

Make payment processing simple, fast and secure with a variety of payment solution modules from gift cards to credit card processing and everything in between.

  • Gift Cards

    Our In-House Cards module provides a no-hassle way for your guests to pay for items while providing you with increased tracking and management of your gift card programs.

  • Point & Pay

    Give guests more freedom with Point & Pay, which allows them to make purchases and check balances with just their fingerprint!

  • Credit Cards

    Our PCI and PA-DSS compliant Charge Card module eliminates the need to maintain and support a separate network of credit card machines and ensures no double entry of payment amounts and no need to balance credit card totals at the point of sale.

  • Folio Charge

    Interface directly with your hotel management software. Your onsite hotel can utilize the entire integrated power of our point of sale ticketing system to sell items and bill the charges directly to a guest's hotel room.

Let us find the perfect hardware to pair with your accesso solution!

Whether you’re a zoo, science center or ski hill, our tech experts can help you select the best hardware to support your venue’s unique needs. Email us today to learn more.


Enhance Your Operations

Accelerate transactions, customize your modules and gain powerful reporting insights with our accesso Siriusware all-in-one point of sale system.

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