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The Smarter Way to Wait

The accesso Prism smart park wearable does much more than wait in line for guests. It allows for a fully integrated smart park, creating a better, more engaging and seamless guest experience. From providing front gate entry, to allowing cashless purchases and providing the first interactive wearable that can push notifications or trigger nearby events based on guest location, accesso Prism sets a new standard for the theme park and attractions industry.

  • standalone-deice-70px

    Standalone Device

  • secure-cashless-payments-support-70px

    Secure Contactless Payment Support

  • toughscreen-interface-70px

    Touchscreen Interface

  • multilingual-70px


  • push-messaging-70px

    Push Messaging

  • single-form-factor-70px

    Single Form Factor

  • easy-to-fasten-hypoallergenic-band-70px

    Easy-To-Fasten Hypoallergenic Band

  • brandable-70px


Communicate Like Never Before

Using a powerful trio of NFC, Bluetooth and long range radio connectivity, as well as accesso’s patented virtual queuing technologies, accesso Prism delivers more ways to communicate with your guests than ever.

  • ble-beacon-support-70px

    Bluetooth Low Energy Communication

    With support for Bluetooth built in, you can now push real-time messages to a guest based on their location, trigger interactions, and gain valuable insights about guest flow throughout your venue.

  • near-field-communication-nfc-70px

    Near Field Communication (NFC)

    With NFC integrated into the band, guests can use accesso Prism for access, payments, rentals and more.

  • long-range-sub-ghz-two-way-radio-70px

    Sub-GHz Two-Way Radio

    Our two-way radio allows guests to reserve and modify queuing reservations without having to visit a kiosk or use their smart phone.

Technical Specifications

  • touchscreen-interface-40px

    Toughened Glass Lens with Touch Screen Operation

  • reinforced-housing-40px

    Reinforced Housing

  • 32mm-high-resolution-40px

    32MM High Resolution 168 x 144 LCD Display

  • waterproof-40px

    Rubber O-Ring Seal Waterproof to 20m / 65ft

  • vibration-notification-motor-40px

    Vibration Notification Motor

  • extended-battery-life-40px

    CR3032 Coin Cell Supporting Over 200 Days of Park Usage

Solutions Benefits

Our patented suite of virtual queuing solutions has helped over 19 million guests get out of long lines and make the most of their day.

  • revenue-graph-70px

    Increased Revenue

    Our accesso LoQueue virtual queuing solutions increase in-park spend and add an additional revenue stream to your venue.

  • long-lines-70px

    Avoid the Long Lines

    Instead of standing in long lines, guests virtually queue and are free to enjoy more of their day.

  • 20+ years of experience

    Partner With Experts

    With extensive patents and 20 years of experience behind us, no one is better suited to help your venue maximize your revenue opportunity.

  • food-70px

    Unlock Secondary Spending

    With guests freed from waiting in line, they can spend more time and money in your venue's retail and food & beverage locations.

  • 1234-70px

    Enjoy More Rides

    Guests use the time they would have spent waiting in line to experience even more rides and attractions.

  • smiley-face-70px

    Make Guests Happier

    Allowing guests to reserve ride times means guests are free to see and do more at your venue, increasing overall guest satisfaction scores.

System Management Suite

Control your virtual queuing solution in real time through our easy-to-use management tool.

  • rabbit-40px

    Multiple Service Levels

    Operators have the flexibility to offer multiple service levels allowing reduced wait times and custom ride packages.

  • proprietary-network-40px

    Proprietary Network

    accesso Prism works on a dedicated and robust proprietary network.

  • turnkey-40px

    Turnkey Installation

    Our turnkey solution allows for a hassle free installation process.

  • hammer-wrench-40px

    Built to Last

    Water resistant with reinforced housing, accesso Prism is built for the toughest attraction environments.


A Better Way to Wait.

Unlock secondary revenue streams and increase guest satisfaction with our accesso LoQueue virtual queuing solutions.

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