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Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social & Governance

At accesso, we recognize that we have an impact on the world in which we live, our employees, and the people we interact with.

We strive to deliver strong results to our investors through sustainable business practices across environmental, social and governance pillars.

“Operating a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible business has always been a core focus for Accesso. ​ ​ The past few years have made it clear that consumers expect companies to pay attention to their impact on the world now more than ever.​ ​ Simply put, our goal is for Accesso’s impact to be a positive one - for our employees, our clients, their guests and the communities and industries we serve.”

ESG Presentation

Watch our ESG presentation video here.

Key Pillars

We strive to take a comprehensive and balanced approach to our Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives. With that in mind, we have outlined several areas of focus to support these 3 pillars of ESG.

  • Environmental

    GHG Emissions & Energy Usage

    Waste Generation

    Vendor Selection

  • Social

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Community Outreach

    Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Governance

    Board & Executive Diversity

    Risk Management

    Ethics & Compliance

Energy Usage & GHG Emissions

  • Commenced Tracking & Reporting GHG Emissions in 2020

  • Utilization of tech to reduce corporate travel

  • Actively reducing physical office footprint

  • Energy efficient offices including automatic light & AC shut off

  • Developed policy on climate change in 2022

accesso Climate Policy

An overview of accesso’s climate commitments and action plan.

View PDF

Reducing Waste Generation

In an effort to support our industry's move to paperless, accesso provides electronic ticketing & receipts, digital park & resort maps, digital event & activities guides and more.

As part of our efforts to reduce waste, our new version of the accesso Prism wearable offers a replaceable battery.

In our offices, we practice what we preach by maintaining office recycling programs and eliminating single use plastics, including a partnership with Twyford Together working towards becoming a plastic-free business.

Vendor Selection

accesso outsources production of Prism bands as well as hardware used with our ticketing and point of sale businesses.​ The selection of the manufacturing partner was an important decision for us and we ensured that it met both our own and our customer’s standards. For any other hardware used in our business we are acting as a reseller, and our focus remains on suppliers who are both socially and environmentally responsible. Finally, we recognize that in any manufacturing process there is ultimately scrap, and we dispose of this in a responsible manner using an ISO certified third party.

  • Prism Manufacturer​

    Physical inspection of facilities prior to commencement of relationship.​

    Standards & compliance monitored in twelve categories including protection of the environment, child labor and nondiscrimination.

  • Hardware Resale​

    Focus on the use of environmentally and socially responsible manufacturers for sales of hardware such as printers and scanners. ​

  • Warmtech

    Use of ISO certified third party vendor for recycling of scrap. ​

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is currently a key focus area as we work to implement a more formalized strategy including updating metrics and targets.

  • Expert Input

    We have partnered with the National Diversity Council to assess our current diversity landscape and assist with the building of our future efforts.​

  • Diversity Council

    Launched in January 2022, we created a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Council comprised of diverse employees from across the business. ​

  • Strategy Creation

    We are implementing a DE&I strategic plan in 2022 based on feedback and guidance from our Council. The plan will be rolled out to all employees.​

  • Policies & Training

    2021 saw the launch of our Gender Transition Guidebooks for Employees & Managers with an option for additional training.​

    Employees also attend mandatory annual training on DE&I and preventing workplace harassment.

What are Diversity Councils?

  • Created to bring about organizational change and provide focus to DE&I initiatives.​

  • Are integral to a strategic management plan for creating diverse and inclusive work environments.​

  • Offer solutions on how the organization can leverage diversity to improve organizational performance.​

  • Provide pathway for DE&I initiatives and promote organizational change.​

Community Outreach​

accesso approaches community outreach in two different ways: at the company level, we have partnered with organizations such as Technovation to provide volunteer opportunities to benefit underserved populations, while at the corporate level we also give to a variety of charitable causes.

In addition, employees are provided 8 hours of paid volunteer time off annually to serve in their communities for causes they are passionate about. In addition, we host local office-based charitable events such purchasing holiday gifts for foster children or sorting and packing plastic from the office to be sold to raise money for local charities.​

  • Volunteer Time Off

    All employees receive one paid day per year to spend volunteering with an organization of their choice.​

  • Charitable Giving​

    Both directly and in partnership with our clients we contribute to various causes including domestic violence, childhood hunger and cancer research.​

  • Technovation​

    Our employees serve as judges to provide feedback to teams of girls on mobile apps they build from scratch: more info.

  • Donation Drives​

    Local offices regularly participate in company-sponsored activities such as Angel Trees, the purchasing of Christmas gifts for local foster children: more info.​

  • Twyford Together​

    Twyford employees volunteer monthly, sorting & packing plastic waste which is sold to Terracycle to raise money for six Twyford based charities: more info.​

Mental Health and Wellbeing

A global pandemic has had a significant impact on mental health and wellbeing, and we have worked to assist our employees as they navigate these unusual times​.

  • We listened to our employees – whilst some are eager to return to the office, others are happier at home and enjoy the improvement to their work/life balance. For employees who were formerly assigned to an office, they may now choose to be fully remote, fully office based or a hybrid model.​

  • Teledoc Mental Health has been added to all US medical plans. Curalinc, a global EAP provider is available to all employees regardless of their participation in our health insurance offerings. In 2021, we launched the Maven platform supporting various traditional & non-traditional family planning journeys.​

  • In 2021, we launched a “Speaker Series” to gain additional perspectives and foster connection across the organization as we all work remotely.​

  • In 2022, we launched a wellness campaign around the five pillars of wellbeing – career, social, financial, physical and community.​ We also administer quarterly wellbeing challenges with incentives.

Information Security & Compliance

An important part of accesso's social responsibility lies in our commitment to the security of our solutions and the safety of the personal information with which we are trusted every day.​

Our teams employ a multitude of industry-leading tools and time-tested practices to ensure our cloud applications are safe from security threats and fully compliant with applicable data privacy regulations.

We couple our technical approach with a culture of awareness and vigilance against an ever-changing landscape of malicious software, Internet fraud, and theft of personal data.​

This helps us deliver on the promise of a safe and secure experience for both our partners and their valued guests.​

Ethics & Compliance

In all areas of our business we consider our people to be our strongest asset; this includes the upholding of our code of ethics and general compliance. In 2021 we established an anonymous and confidential hotline to ensure all of our employees had an avenue to report any issues including fraud and harassment. We are committed to being a good corporate citizen and operating in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations in the countries in which we trade.

  • Employee Hotline

    In 2021 we implemented a third party anonymous and confidential reporting hotline for employees to report issues such as fraud, ethical issues and harassment.​

  • GDPR

    Since 2018 accesso has continued to develop processes and controls to ensure the lawful, fair and transparent processing of data in accordance with GDPR.​

    We maintain a Privacy by Design culture to ensure the storing, processing and/or transmission of personal information meets or exceeds GDPR requirements.​

  • CCO

    accesso is currently providing training to identified key personnel to ensure compliance with Corporate Criminal Offence (“CCO”). In addition, we are performing a review of risk areas and remediation required.​