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Accesso has been a phenomenal partner. It’s been a very smooth partnership and our day-to-day operations are so much easier. Every time we’ve needed extra help, everyone at the company has been the best at helping us.”

With over 1600 motorcycles and 80 unique cars on display, The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum has the honor of being the largest motorcycle museum in the world. Founded in 1988 as a private collection, The Barber Museum opened as a non-profit in 1994 and relocated to a new venue with an 880-acre motorsports park in 2003. Today, the museum offers daily admission tickets, tours and field trips, a variety of membership levels, a retail gift shop, a large event space and onsite events. Its biggest source of visitors, however, are from the events promoted by the motorsports park. They see a large portion of annual visitors from four major events each year, with the two largest being the Annual Barber Vintage Festival and the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama. “Our events can attract 80,000 people over the course of a three-day weekend,” said Nick LaCasse, “A lot of those people would not normally visit the museum, and this ends up becoming an option they can do while they’re staying for the race.”

As a world-class museum that sits in the center of an expansive race experience, The Barber Museum needed a system that could support robust museum operations as well as event sales. After 15 years in their new location, the museum had grown significantly, and they were looking for a partner who could help them scale their operations even more. “Our traffic had increased to a point where we really had outgrown our existing ticketing solution,” said LaCasse, “The old system was not giving us the reporting we needed, and it didn’t give us the options we needed like dynamic rules and bundles. There was a lot we were missing as far as ticketing and retail.”

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The Solution

After speaking with several vendors in the marketplace, The Barber Museum selected the accesso SiriuswareSMpoint of sale ticketing system for its flexible ticketing capabilities, extensive retail features and robust reporting functionality. “We are still a fairly new museum,” said LaCasse. “Going forward, we’re going to do nothing but grow, and we need a system that will grow with us. Accesso’s all-in-one solution offered everything we really needed to advance our operations and they have always been receptive to our ideas.”

Using the accesso Siriusware point of sale ticketing system, The Barber Museum can better serve their guests with flexible ticketing packages around their special events. Instead of offering standard 3-day admission tickets, museum staff can easily create customized packages for specific weekends, such as extended Thursday to Sunday packages around special events. “We are always changing our admission packages, and the Accesso point of sale system makes it easy,” said LaCasse. “We’ve also seen a pickup in our eCommerce,” he added, “Using marketing codes we’ve noticed a 6% increase.”

For The Barber Museum, one of the biggest benefits of having an all-in-one, integrated point-of-sale ticketing system is the business insights they can gain through reporting. “We are now able to quantify a lot more of our guest experience and pinpoint problem areas where we can grow in the future,” commented LaCasse. “As we look to grow even more, the amount of information we can get from our Accesso point of sale system is amazing.” Using accesso’s source code feature, the museum has been able to track and better understand what types of admission tickets guests are using.

“Now we can use source codes to see exactly where our comp tickets are going, whether it's through a hotel, one of our employees or even our Executive Director. It really helps us maintain our checks and balances, and it's helped us evaluate the return on investment of several business partnerships.”

- Nick LaCasse, The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, Museum Registrar

Image credit: Mark Bondarenko

In addition to the powerful business insights gained through reporting, museum staff has gained many “quality of life” changes that have boosted their productivity and reduced labor hours, particularly with retail management. Since implementing the accesso point of sale ticketing solution, The Barber Museum has experienced drastic reductions in physical inventory management time, cycle counts and shrink. “It’s been so much easier for us to maintain our inventory. It now takes us two hours whereas in the past it would take almost 9,” said LaCasse.

The Barber Museum has also been able to utilize the Round Up functionality in the accesso Siriusware system in a very effective way. “We try to keep it fun with friendly staff competitions around our major events,” said LaCasse, “We’ll have incentives at the end of each day and at the end of the weekend for rewards.” In 2018, the museum raised $5,000 in Round Up donations as a result of these successful programs, with one particularly effective weekend bringing in over $1,200.

The Partnership Moving Forward

The Barber Museum raves about their strong partnership with accesso. “Everyone at the company has been incredibly helpful,” LaCasse said. “Whether it’s a support ticket or brainstorming how to bring a new idea to live, Accesso has always been willing to help when we had something on our side we didn’t know how to solve.” With the accesso point of sale ticketing solution, the museum can choose the modules they need and add on at any time. The museum plans to utilize additional modules such as In-House Cards in the near future and looks forward to scaling their point of sale ticketing system as the museum grows.

If you’re on the fence about partnering with Accesso, just go for it! We feel more supported with Accesso than we have with any other company we’ve had a partnership with, whether it be ticketing, retail solutions or anything else.”


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