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accesso Webinar Series Presents: The accesso Ecosystem - Redefining the Guest Experience.

The modern guest demands a seamless and sophisticated experience at your venue, and our job is to provide the technology that makes it possible. Over 1000 clients worldwide utilize our comprehensive solutions for ticketing, point-of-sale and virtual queuing, and with our recent acquisitions, our product portfolio continues to expand to new areas including distribution and customer engagement. While our solutions may appear siloed in these separate categories, the reality is that they are all part of a connected system that is constantly evolving to bring a more cohesive and powerful offering to our clients. Our Chief Technology Officer Eric Petrusic introduces us to this concept of the “accesso ecosystem” and what it means for venue operators, guests and future development.

accesso Blog Series: 7 Customer Experience Predictions for 2018

As 2018 quickly approaches, it’s time for organizations to give serious thought to how they will address the customer experience in the coming year. In recent years, companies in all industries have recognized that it’s no longer safe to compete on product and price alone, and have prioritized customer experience (CX) efforts accordingly. Increasingly, marketers are taking a data-driven approach to CX that allows them to deliver highly-personalized, immersive experiences that make customers feel special and want to return to their brand again and again. As a result, we anticipate that 2018 will bring the highest expectations for a valuable and memorable experience from customers yet, as well as the highest risk of losing these customers to the competitors who can beat you to it.