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accesso Webinar Series Presents: Driving Donations with our accesso ShoWare Solution's Fund Management Features.

From global crowdfunding to micro-lending, there are more ways for your patrons to participate in charitable initiatives than ever before. If you are a theatre or performing arts center whose vitality depends on successful fundraising and development initiatives, you know the importance of making the donation process as easy as possible for your donors, giving them a variety of payment options (mailing a check, dropping off cash, or making a donation online with a credit card) to suit their needs, and communicating with them in their desired format, whether by postal mail, email, phone call, or social media. However, there’s another way to reach your charitable donors at an even more convenient time: when they are purchasing tickets to your shows! Watch our webinar to learn more about driving donations with fund management.

accesso Webinar Series Presents: Simplify and Streamline Your Rentals Process with our accesso Siriusware Solution.

Your guests don’t enjoy waiting, so accelerate their experience with technology designed with your ski venue in mind! The accesso Siriusware rentals module offers a variety of helpful and easy-to-use features to make the rentals process speedy and seamless for your guests, so they can get out on the mountain and enjoy the day. Watch our webinar to learn how to simplify and streamline your rentals process!