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Supercharge Your Skills: A Quick Look at Our Exciting New accesso Seminar Class Offerings!

Supercharge Your Skills: A Quick Look at Our Exciting New accesso Seminar Class Offerings!

Get ready to level up your expertise with our line-up of new accesso classes. Whether you're a SQL whiz, a layouts maestro or a problem-solving pro, we have a session to jump-start your learning journey.

For the SQL Data Dynamos:

  • Demystifying Your Database (Part 1 of 3): Ever felt intimidated by SQL? This three-part series is your key! We'll start by shedding light on the basics and getting you comfortable navigating your SQL database with confidence.
  • Deep Dive into Your Database (Part 2 of 3): Take an in-depth look into the world of SQL in Part 2. Learn powerful techniques to unlock valuable insights and unleash the full potential of your data and reporting.
  • Unlocking the Power of Your Database (Part 3 of 3): Part 3 is all about mastering advanced SQL skills. You'll become a data manipulation wizard, extracting and analyzing information like a pro.

Layout Lab: Building an RDL Layout:

Get ready to roll up your sleeves! This hands-on class will equip you to build stunning RDL layouts from scratch. Learn the ropes of layout design and construction, empowering you to create visually appealing reports. Don’t forget to bring your ideas, questions and suggestions.

The Future is Now: Dive into the New Features of accesso Siriusware v5:

Get a sneak peek of features with this in-depth exploration of accesso Siriusware v5. We'll delve into new, exciting functionality, and highlight changes that will enable you to leverage the full power of this latest version.

Apps, AI & accesso, Oh My!

  • Why accesso's Experience Platform Offers More than Just Another "App"

Discover how accesso's Experience Platform serves as a centralized hub for SOR data, including content and guest-based, identity-driven insights, beyond standard app functionalities. It integrates native and web-based apps, enabling the seamless incorporation of activity details like wait times and weather through embeddable iFrame components. This one-stop platform centralizes data for various applications, including website details, physical signage and client apps, offering a comprehensive solution for integrating and consuming all guest experience venue data.


    Introducing Waymigo - Cultural App with Audio Guides, Entitlements, & More!

    Introduce yourself to Waymigo, a cultural exploration app featuring audio guides, trivia and automatic exhibit details activated by BLE technology. With ongoing development in advanced mapping and interactive features, this session delves into how the app boosts visitor engagement and learning.

    • Empower Your Venue with AI Predictions

    Learn how accesso leverages AI in Qview to predict line wait times and visitor flow, offer a glimpse into future capabilities and improve operational efficiency. This session highlights the integration of location data and AI for conversational marketing and operational predictions, enhancing the guest experience platform. We will share some cool use cases that accesso is exploring that may soon be available for venues.

    Sharpen Your Security & Scanning Skills:

    • Scan Like a Boss: Conquering Gatekeeper and QuickScan: This class will help you to master the art of access control. Learn advanced techniques for Gatekeeper and QuickScan, streamlining your access control workflow.
    • Securing Your Facility: A Practical Guide to Gate Access Software: This class empowers you to become a gate access software pro. Learn practical strategies for managing and optimizing your facility's access control security.

    Conquer Common Challenges:

    • Power Up Your Problem-Solving: Handling High-Volume Support Issues: Feeling overwhelmed by troubleshooting on-the-fly? This class equips you with effective strategies for tackling common issues that end up in the support queue with confidence.
    • Resolving Payment Headaches: A Guide to Troubleshooting Common Issues: Say goodbye to payments headaches! This class tackles common payments issues, providing you with the knowledge to diagnose and resolve problems efficiently.

    accesso Passport Spotlight:

    • From Clicks to Conversions: Mastering Google Analytics: Calling all accesso Passport users! This class equips you with the skills to master Google Analytics, transforming your eCommerce traffic into conversions.
    • Extended Passport Class Offerings: We've expanded our accesso Passport class offerings, providing you with even more opportunities to refine your skills and stay ahead of the curve!

    This is just a taste of the exciting new sessions in store for seminar this year! Head over to our website to explore the full range of classes and find the perfect fit for your learning goals. Sign-up today and let's unlock your full potential, together!