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Partner Content Spotlight - Protecht

Partner Content Spotlight - Protecht

Protecht’s award-winning embedded widget makes it simple to protect what matters. We combine best-in-class insurance coverage with smart, secure technology to put peace of mind in the palm of your hands.

This video provides valuable insight into how implementing Protecht into your checkout flow enhances the attendee, ticketer, event organizer, and insurer experience.

We’ll walk you through our one-click checkout process and simple claims flow, and what a simple click means for improving customer loyalty and boosting your bottom line. 

Don’t believe us? Hear from real-life event junkies and Protecht partners about how our embedded widget has enhanced all aspects of the buying experience, particularly in the current landscape.

We know you wouldn’t be here without your raving fans. We’ll show you how easy it is to have all of your consumers ready to rave. Buying without regrets creates a better buying experience. Better experiences create loyal fans.

Protecht your experiences. Protecht your bottom line. Protecht what matters today.