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Partner Content Spotlight - Digonex

Partner Content Spotlight - Digonex

The Value and Impact of Dynamic Pricing in a New World

Pricing strategy is undoubtedly a critical and powerful component of any business strategy. Yet, many organizations still utilize a fairly simple, static pricing strategy driven by past practice and “gut feel” instead of utilizing the best available data and analytical tools. How much money is being left on the table by not adopting more innovative pricing strategies? Can new pricing strategies help to address other key strategic and operational goals?

Digonex CEO Greg Loewen will explore the emerging adoption of dynamic pricing for attractions and also address the ways in which many leading ones have leveraged dynamic pricing to accelerate their recovery from the pandemic. Topics covered will include:  

  • A clear definition of “dynamic pricing” and what it means for attractions
  • The requirements and process to implement a dynamic pricing strategy
  • The technical integration between Digonex and accesso Siriusware/accesso Passport
  • Factors and variables to determine the optimal prices
  • Messaging dynamic pricing to guests
  • How dynamic pricing supports the industry’s rapid shift toward capacity constraints and advance reservations
  • The impact and benefits of dynamic pricing including:
  • Revenue growth for both general admission and memberships/season passes
  • “Taking price out of the equation” with guests
  • Enhancing community accessibility
  • Driving visitation from peak to off-peak periods
  • Improving guest satisfaction
  • Optimizing the performance of special/seasonal events
  • Guests’ response to dynamic pricing
  • Perceived risks (which ones are real vs. myth?) and how to address them

For more information please visit us this week at our booth contact Digonex Chief Revenue Officer Harry Tomasides @ [email protected]

Digonex is the industry leader for dynamic pricing serving clients throughout North America and the UK.