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Partner Content Spotlight - Alvarado

Partner Content Spotlight - Alvarado

Who is Alvarado?

Partnering with Alvarado just got better. As part of dormakaba Group, one of the world’s premier companies for entry, security, and sustainability, Alvarado now offers more extensive support, an expanded product line, a wealth of insight and customizable solutions. For over 25 years, popular destinations around the world have relied on Alvarado for intelligent admission control solutions. Our fully integrated hardware and flexible integration approach powers access control for representative customers including professional and collegiate sports teams throughout the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and NCAA. We’ve also worked with North America’s largest regional theme park operator and countless other attractions -. Alvarado has successfully partnered with Accesso Technology Group to install entry solutions at venues including Marriott Gaylord Hotels, Eldora Speedway, Lincoln Center, The STRAT, Lyman Center, Estadio Nemesio Diez and the Columbus Zoo.

Why Alvarado?

Alvarado’s intelligent entry gate solutions include a variety of fixed and portable turnstiles, pedestals, and optical swing gates. All entry gate solutions are designed to provide ticket validation for admission at venue entrances; validating all types of credentials including 1D/2D printed & digital barcodes, RFID, Apple and Google NFC digital wallet smart tickets as well as options for integrating other readers such as biometric. All solutions come equipped with intuitive touch screens to display scanning instructions to guests, showcase promotional messaging, and provide highly visible ad space for sponsorships. Other features include attendant facing lights to notify staff of scan results for each guest as they enter and built-in integration with Alvarado’s GateLink 10 access control software through the use of Alvarado’s DirectConnect API for 100% real-time, plug-and-play support.

In addition to gate entry hardware, Alvarado also offers turnstiles and barrier-free optical patron counting lanes designed to track patron entries, exits and in-venue totals. These totals can be monitored using Alvarado’s GateWatch software to provide real-time numbers to staff, create backlogs of attendance totals, and/or alert staff once a venue-specified capacity is reached. Totals can also be output to attendant-facing panels or external wall displays for real-time viewing.

Alvarado’s commitment to understanding individual projects allows them to provide customers with a solution that fits their needs. A highly educated team is available throughout the country to perform a proper site evaluation, ensure successful installations and build equipment with future proofing in mind. Alvarado’s wide variety of products and features allows customers to solve multiple problems with a single solution. Whether a venue is looking for a scalable solution that can increase or decrease to the size of each event, a contactless solution that meets compliance standards, or a solution with ad space to increase sponsorship revenue. Alvarado offers a product that will meet every need. Access the Exceptional.