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accessoLife: Women of accesso Shine at the 2023 Grace Hopper Celebration

#**accesso**Life: Women of **accesso** Shine at the 2023 Grace Hopper Celebration

Late last month, accesso proudly took part in the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), the world's largest gathering of women and non-binary technologists. Our company sponsored a select group of women to spend the week connecting with other passionate peers and gain insights from inspiring speakers. The GHC is more than a conference – it's a movement that empowers women in technology – and we were thrilled to support our team members in contributing to this cause.

GHC accesso

The GHC is renowned for its inspiring speakers; this year’s program of keynotes and sessions not only encouraged attendees to dream bigger, but also aligned with our own focus on continued professional development, which is vital to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Each team member – each on their own unique career journey – found resonant messages and sessions throughout the event. A standout session titled, "Can I Cry at Work?" provided essential advice on mentorship, emotional calibration, and the power of being the expert in telling your own story. Other speakers dove into the unique challenges that women face in the workplace such as “the ambition penalty,” and their tactics for overcoming adversity. Other sessions covered an array of topics, such as DEI, supporting women in tech, human bias in AI, the future of mixed, augmented and virtual reality, product design in the modern day, and much more.

“Every session I attended encouraged and inspired me,” shared Alpa Sharma, accesso Quality Assurance Engineer. “I got to meet incredible leaders, join interesting talks, and attend panel discussions and presentations. I left the conference feeling excited, hopeful and inspired.” One key takeaway for Alpa going forward is “to take the change with both hands. Change makes you uncomfortable, but it triggers growth!”

For accesso, participation in conferences like GHC goes beyond simply attending an event; it’s an investment in our commitment to inclusivity. VP of Operational Excellence Justine Dong echoed this sentiment when reflecting on the conference: “The passion of female and non-binary individuals in tech was evident at this year’s Grace Hopper Celebration. Working at an organization that understands representation is important to me, and I am appreciative to Accesso for providing us the opportunity to take part in this great event.”

As the world continues to embrace the importance of diverse perspectives in driving innovation, accesso will continue to champion the cause of women in tech while working to contribute to a brighter, more inclusive future for the entire industry. We are firm believers that diversity is essential to innovation, and we are grateful to our team of talented professionals who bring their unique life experiences to work every day. Their wide-ranging perspectives help us drive innovation and allow us to be more supportive, inclusive and empathetic peers to one another. As our SVP of People, Maura Schiefelbein, attested: “Making sure there’s room at the table for everyone is important not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it makes our team a stronger one. When we welcome and celebrate our differences, we empower our people to truly thrive."

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