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accesso Blog Series: 3 Reasons to Attend accesso Client Seminar 2018.

**accesso** Blog Series: 3 Reasons to Attend **accesso** Client Seminar 2018.
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It’s hard to believe that in less than 3 months, we will be packing our bags and heading to sunny San Diego for a week of learning and relaxation in paradise! In our last blog, we covered how an individual can justify a trip to accesso Client Seminar for themselves, but what if you’re still not convinced it’s right for your team? Maybe you’ve attended a few times in the past and are questioning the value of returning. Allow us to present 3 compelling reasons why you (or someone from your business) should attend our accesso Client Seminar.

1. You're missing a staff member who is accesso-certified.

Did you know that clients using an accesso Siriusware ticketing solution must have at least one person on staff that is accesso-certified? Have you had employee turnover, lost your dedicated system administrator and/or hired new employees recently? Then our accesso Client seminar is for you and your team!

When a new site is installed, each accesso Siriusware client agrees to accesso certification, which means that clients are required to have at least one accesso-certified employee on staff. If you do not have a certified staff member, this can lead to additional, hourly service fees. Furthermore, accesso Siriusware follows a train-the-trainer model. As such, accesso-certified staff members can train new employees and develop their own site-specific trainings using generic content. Certification can be obtained in a number of ways, some more costly than others. The good news is that our accesso Client Seminar can provide the certification your staff member needs to remain in compliance.

Our class offering features a Beginner track for new users to accesso software, Advanced classes for our more experienced team members and opportunities for all users to connect one-on-one with accesso staff through Time With An Expert sessions. Attendees can also learn about the latest software innovations from accesso, explore new hardware opportunities from our vendors and attend roundtable sessions to learn directly from other clients’ experiences. You can check out our schedule to see what sessions are a best fit for your seminar experience. At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Why not just have an accesso team member come onsite to train my staff?” This is another valid way to become certified; however, your team may miss out on some of the benefits that are associated with conference experiences, which brings us to our next reason for attending accesso Client Seminar.

2. It provides a robust and multi-faceted learning experience.

An Inc. magazine article discusses the 4 Reasons Employees Should Attend Conferences, and learning is first on their list, followed by networking, content and sharing. In many ways, these all tie back to learning, because this week is not simply about learning from us: in many ways, it’s about learning from one another. Let’s break down the ways that our accesso Client Seminar provides a unique and collaborative learning opportunity.

Attendance at the accesso Client seminar allows you to not only meet others from your industry, but to learn how other industries are employing our software. We are proud to serve a diverse and growing variety of markets and businesses: large amusement parks, ski areas, museums, zoos, aquariums, performing arts centers, sports arenas and much more. By attending classes with such a diverse group of individuals, you can gain insight into other markets, new ideas for employing software and even competitor details. Curious about an accesso Siriusware/accesso Passport combo solution or our new TE2 product? You can attend one of the many sessions geared towards these solutions and also jump into a roundtable where you can ask other clients for candid feedback on their experiences.

"I come mainly to learn about all of the new product updates, but I also love coming to talk with other clients. They might be doing something you are trying to do and willing to share their ideas. It's also wonderful to collaborate with clients from other industries. For example, it’s interesting for us, as a ski resort, to see how museums handle groups. There’s just an incredible group of clients that grows every year. That’s what I love about seminar.”

Leticia Sierra, Cascade Mountain, Office Ticket Manager

While some learning can be planned, and we do encourage attendees to register for sessions in advance, there is also the exciting element of spontaneity that can lead to unexpected learning opportunities. Perhaps you have a conversation during our Wednesday night luau by the pool with someone who’s really enjoyed using a specific module, and they encourage you to tag along to the session on Thursday.

We work hard to create fresh and engaging content that keeps our attendees coming back year after year, which makes our Client Seminar a fantastic way to absorb a tremendous amount of knowledge in a brief period of time. Classes are broken into user level and the content is based on attendee feedback as well as new product advancements. This presents an opportunity for your staff to be on the cusp of what’s cutting-edge and then more importantly, how to utilize this technology to your venue’s benefit.

Finally, let’s consider the learning that happens after our Client Seminar. When a staff member attends a seminar they gain valuable insight, knowledge and connections that they can bring back and share with their team. If you encourage educational development at your venue, you know the power that interactive learning can impart on a staff member. Financially, it may not be feasible to send all staff to a conference of this type. Seminars create a way to engage not only staff that attended but those who could not attend as well. Attendees at our accesso Client Seminar receive the most up-to-date software on virtual machines. This software is good for one year and provides a safe-space to train, try new products, establish test items and create learning opportunities for those staff members who could not attend. Additionally, the article by Inc. encourages that team members have a plan in place to bring back focused content to share with other staff.

Client Seminar Blog July Learning

3. It can help elevate your organization’s brand.

As our marketing team likes to say, a “brand is so much more than a logo.” By attending accesso Client Seminar, whether you are in museum visitor services or manage the technology and point-of-sale infrastructure of a ski resort, you are serving as a brand ambassador for your organization. Your mere presence and demeanor can increase brand awareness and brand affinity among hundreds of other colleagues in the leisure and entertainment industries. Even if you choose not to actively network or promote your brand, simply seeing your organization’s name on a roster could pique the curiosity of someone who may decide to check out your website.

Looking for some tips on networking and boosting your brand? Forbes magazine shares 5 Networking Tips for Your Next Conference that include some valuable tips. One suggestion is to take advantage of social media channels like Twitter or official conference apps, like our accesso Client Seminar online community that is launching next week. Our online community includes both an app for the event itself as well as the opportunity to connect with users in advance. Users can add a photo, a short bio and a link to their website.

We hope that this has given you some helpful reasons why or your team should attend our accesso Client Seminar. From basic training to writing advanced SQL scripts, your team has the amazing opportunity to learn, network with other clients and have an unforgettable week at the beautiful Paradise Point Resort and Spa. While we wholeheartedly embrace technology that allows us to stay connected from virtually anywhere in the world, there’s nothing quite like meeting face-to-face, and we can’t wait to see you there. Be sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity and register today!

Jennifer Roth - Proposal Manager

Jennifer joined accesso in 2011, bringing her passion for software and writing to the team along with her extensive knowledge of the cultural and non-profit industries. She began her career as a professional archaeologist (à-la Indiana Jones but with more technical writing and a lot less fortune and glory) before managing several museums including the first hands-on history children’s museum in the country and a National Park Service historic site dedicated to Abraham Lincoln’s Stay in Gettysburg. When she’s not writing technical documents or winning proposals for us, she enjoys hiking, yoga, knitting, working on the next great American novel and relaxing at home with her family.