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Boston Logan International Airport Pilots Virtual Security Line Powered by accesso®

Boston Logan International Airport Pilots Virtual Security Line Powered by **accesso®**

U.S. Airport Harnesses the Power of Virtual Queuing to Enhance Passenger Safety Amid COVID-19

ORLANDO, Fla. (June 3, 2021) accesso Technology Group plc (AIM: ACSO), the premier technology solutions provider for attractions and venues worldwide, has partnered with Boston Logan International Airport to pilot a Virtual Security Line. This partnership marks accesso’s first foray into service of the airline industry and positions Boston Logan International Airport as a pioneer in adoption of technology that is proving vital to enhancing customer safety, trust and loyalty while adhering to pandemic-related protocols.

A trial implementation of the Virtual Security Line – powered by accesso’s intuitive QsmartSM virtual queuing platform – was launched in April 2021 and is running, initially, for an eight-week span, supporting the airport and its passengers, as well as the team members that manage on-site operations, as market forecasting points to an increase in air travel due to pent-up demand and continued progress is made on administration of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Passengers at Boston Logan International Airport currently have the safety-driven convenience of navigating the airport’s security line with the use of virtual queuing – a technology formerly exclusive to the leisure and entertainment industry, but one that has quickly been adopted by a variety of industries. Today, operators of nearly all backgrounds are seeking out new, innovative ways to effectively maintain physical distancing measures while laying the foundation for a positive consumer experience.

“More than ever, our customers want an easy and efficient travel experience. Even before the pandemic, we had been working on integrating more technology and innovation into the traditional services provided at Boston Logan International Airport,” said Kwang Chen, chief information officer at the Massachusetts Port Authority, which owns and operates Boston Logan International Airport. “The TSA line creates stress for many travelers, so our goal for this pilot program is to see if a virtual queue improves the customer experience by helping to reduce some of that stress while traveling.”

Passengers preparing to enter the Virtual Security Line at Boston Logan International Airport can do so seamlessly with the Qsmart platform directly from their mobile device (no mobile app download required) – removing yet another potential point of physical contact – to “check in” to the line. A countdown will allow passengers to see their remaining wait time and they will be notified in the browser session when it’s their turn to enter the line; at the line’s entrance, airport staff conduct a contactless scan of the QR code on the passenger’s mobile device to redeem their place in line.

Without the need to configure additional hardware, Qsmart boasts a rapid implementation time, making the process easy for airport staff, as well. Additionally, Qsmart allows staff to reduce traffic inconsistencies and, instead, forecast and achieve a steady, manageable flow of arriving passengers. The elasticity of this process is more important than ever in the continued age of physical distancing, as it prevents unexpected delays in passenger arrival and, for Boston Logan International Airport, helps reduce crowding at the security line’s entrance. This allows security agents to more easily comply with capacity management restrictions while helping passengers swiftly and safely navigate their way through the airport security process.

“For over 20 years, our company has remained firmly rooted in the mission of helping our partners solve the challenges of today while reimagining the guest experience of tomorrow, and our trial agreement with Boston Logan International Airport is a perfect example of that two-pronged charge,” said Steve Brown, accesso CEO. “Having seen our technology serve the leisure and entertainment industries with such success, we’re excited to have the opportunity to expand our offerings to the airline industry and are honored to kick off the process with this pilot at Boston Logan International Airport. Together, we’re excited to forge a new path for airport operations by revolutionizing crucial security processes with the use of virtual queuing.”