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I’ve felt like I was in a partnership with Accesso from the minute I started talking with them. Customer service is consistently a part of their culture. It’s impressive to see it firsthand. They’re here for you, particularly when you’re getting up to speed. That’s one of the biggest things that sets them apart.” 

The Challenge

John Lyman Center has many functions and serves the university community as a fine arts performance and education facility. At Lyman Center, you’ll find cultural events of all types including music, dance and drama. In addition to performances, the Center hosts lectures, academic celebrations and classes.

To manage its ticket sales, Lyman Center previously relied on a hosted solution, but it lacked some features such as the ability to set up its own merchant account. Since funds from transactions were held in a third-party account, the Center had a lag in receiving payment for performances. For this and other reasons, Lyman Center needed to put a new solution in place, but Director Larry Tomascak quickly discovered that not all ticketing solutions and the companies behind them are created equal.

“A lot of ticketing vendors will tell you that they can do it – when asking about a particular feature,” he says, “But when it comes down to it, they can’t really do what you were asking, or they do it in some fashion that doesn’t work for the way you need to run your business.”

The Solution

After a comprehensive review process, the Lyman Center chose the accesso box office ticketing solution for its rich feature set, customer service and attention to detail. “I knew that Accesso was really there to help me get things set up and keep them running smoothly,” said Tomascak, “They were always just a phone call away and they don’t charge me for every little thing, which means a lot to me.”

One of Tomascak’s favorite features within our accesso box office ticketing solution is the development site, which allows him to train staff on the system and perform upgrades and improvements to the website in a private, secure manner before going live. The solution’s dynamic pricing also gives the Center the ability to quickly re-price sections, rows or seats - even if tickets are already on sale.

Since implementing the accesso solution, Tomascak couldn’t be more pleased. Balancing and settling accounts is no longer an issue, and the transition was pleasantly simple. “The solution has never gone down,” he said, “and I love that all of our data is backed up and stored with the highest level of security.”


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