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Box Office Event Ticketing Software

Does Your Box Office Event Ticketing Software Perform?

Shine a spotlight on your ticketing operations with accesso ShoWare, our customizable, white-label event ticketing platform designed to deliver sold-out houses and standing ovations. With over 600 installations in theatres, concert venues, sports arenas, casinos, fairs and attractions around the world, our box office ticketing solution is a proven success.

  • Sell More Tickets

    Drive increased ticket sales with intuitive eCommerce storefronts, flexible packages and real-time seat selection.

  • Increase ROI

    Maximize revenue with powerful pricing tools, from dynamic pricing to advanced seat mapping. Plus, reduce staff burden with features such as automated renewals and call center support.

  • Build Loyal Customers

    Take your marketing to the next level with our robust Customer Relationship Management features. Gain insights into your audience, create targeted email campaigns and much more.

  • Retain In-House Control

    Set your own fees and own your data. Easily customize your site content and promotions with our white-label solution that reflects the look and feel of your brand.

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Live Events Can Be Complicated. Your Online Event Ticketing Software Shouldn't Be.

  • Interactive Seat Maps

    Allow patrons to select their own seats in real time. When a seat is added to a patron's shopping cart, it will appear unavailable to any others viewing the same seat map, including the box office.

  • Flexible Packages and Bundles

    Create multiple packages at compelling discounts for flex bundles, mini-series or season packages to up-sell and provide flexible offerings to patrons.

  • Simplified Sales Process

    Enjoy a fast and simplified sales process with our intuitive layout and easy-to-use interface.

  • Promoter Access

    Enable promoters to monitor their ticket sales in real time without relying on your box office staff.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Rest easy knowing that you have an extension of your team whenever you run into an issue. Your dedicated Client Services Manager is available to help, backed up by our Client Services team on call 24/7/365.

Does Your Box Office Ticketing Software Help You Drive Revenue?

Steal the show with creative technology solutions to help you grow your business.

  • Fully-Customizable Fees

    You decide the amount and the placement. Customize by channel to help drive sales where you want them. Get paid immediately with direct deposit financial settlement.

  • Engaging Ticketing Pages

    Build excitement and convey important information about your performances with over 40 areas for custom messaging.

  • Donations & Memberships

    Generate new revenue streams and facilitate ongoing campaigns with fully-integrated fund management features. Plus, drive incremental donations with Round Up at checkout.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    The power to price strategically is in your hands. Monitor sales and make adjustments as needed, or “set it and forget it,” and watch your revenue grow.

  • Seamless Group Sales

    Make it easier for groups to purchase with automatic group pricing, password-protected seat blocks and individual payments.

Nurture Lifelong Relationships and Loyalty, Every Step of the Way

Your patrons are the heart and soul of your venue. Cultivate and grow your loyal patron base with robust Customer Relationship Management features, advanced reporting and seamless communication tools.

  • Streamline Your Email Marketing

    Send just the right offers at just the right time with targeted segmentation tools, message auto-scheduling and more, directly from your box office management system.

  • Facilitate Seamless Promotions

    Create an urgency to buy with special, limited-time offers geared to specific market segments. Set up public or private sale options and generate deep links for promoting coupon codes that automatically deploy the discount.

  • Support Secure Ticket Resale

    Better serve your patrons with our ticket resale feature. Give your patrons a flexible option for selling a ticket they can no longer use.

  • Customize Membership & VIP Programs

    Nurture loyalty with membership programs that offer system-driven perks at a variety of levels. Sell VIP seats, meet and greet, early access, merchandise and more!

  • Understand the Patron Journey

    Our box office ticketing system includes over 70 standard reports with filters for date ranges, single or multiple events and more. Gain the business insights you need to effectively optimize your operations and win loyal customers for life.

  • Call Center Support

    Our call center agents are trained to provide outstanding technical support, sell tickets and most of all, provide exceptional customer service to your patrons. See how this optional service can delight your customers while providing outstanding ROI to your venue.

Reach New Audiences

Connect with 1 billion potential customers locally, nationally and internationally and increase revenue with a single API connection facilitated by our Ingresso distribution solution.

Setting Our Clients Up for Success


Lesher Center for the Arts needed a customizable, easy to use solution with robust features for packages and bundles.


The accesso ShoWare box office ticketing software reduced box office training time by 84% and helped grow online sales 29%.

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Take full control of your box office ticketing operations with our highly-customizable accesso ShoWare solution.

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