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Reach Your Guests In New Terrain

Treat every guest like your only guest. Each person who visits your resort is unique. Give them exactly the experience they are looking for with personalized messages, recommendations and offers designed to help them have the best day possible. With our newly enhanced SkiNow app tailored to your resort, you can deliver personalization at scale.​

  • Make Guests Happier​

    Eliminate friction points and elevate the guest experience while increasing loyalty, advocacy and NPS.

  • Personalize at Scale

    Leverage your existing customer data along with real-time location and behavior to deliver personalized, contextual content at just the right time. ​

  • Drive Per Cap Spend​

    Remove barriers to purchase and encourage onsite spend with relevant offers that are exactly the right fit.​

  • Gain Guest Insights​

    Connect existing guest data from disparate systems to better understand your guests and how they interact with your venue.​

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What's New

Check out our all-new offerings and features

  • 3D GIS Mapping & Ski Tracking

    Resorts can help skiers stay connected with friend finding, turn-by-turn audio navigation, real-time ski tracking and statistics, and a 3D view of the entire mountain, provided by Mappy powered by Esri.

  • Lift, Trail & Activities Management

    With the all-new automatic scheduling and unexpected event operator console, ski areas can seamlessly apply status updates and changes to lifts, trails, and activities. In addition to in-app, venues can showcase the current mountain statuses with digital signage and on their venue websites.

  • Web-Based Navigation

    The entirely new Web Maps offering delivers QR-accessible, interactive area guide maps to help users navigate a resort or ski area with real-time updates. This navigation tool can be accessed directly, embedded into websites or digital signage, and via the accesso app.

  • Weather Services

    Users can now customize weather station input data via accesso’s current providers: SnoCountry, Wunderground, HD Relay, and Alterra Mountain Company’s MtnPowder.

  • Webcams

    Reuse and share existing web cams from around your resort in a single consistent guest interface.

  • Fresh Look & Feel

    An updated user interface and updated app modules (lift and trail detail, inbox, weather cards, webcams, and tracking stats) allow guests to navigate the app easily.

Leading the Way to Unforgettable Mountain Adventures

Elevate your ski resort experience with SkiNow, our advanced mobile platform for impeccable guest engagement. Seamlessly offer real-time personalization, promotions, and communication to enhance their skiing adventure. SkiNow adds exciting features like weather updates, and friend-finding capabilities, keeping your guests connected on the slopes.

3D GIS Mapping

Explore SkiNow's integration with Mappy, powered by Esri! Enjoy comprehensive features, including detailed 3D GIS mountain map with accurate lift and trail outlines. Empower guests to track their group's location, activities, and progress, and compare results effortlessly. Enable ski stat tracking with solo, group, and public leaderboards. Plus, seamlessly integrate Points of Interest (POI) data, enabling easy access to locations like F&B options, lift points, and trail difficulty levels within Mappy's intuitive interface.

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