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Having Accesso’s virtual queuing technology in our park has significantly increased our revenue and given us the opportunity to provide our guests with a premium experience. By getting them out of line we are allowing them to enjoy other attractions, our restaurants and our gift shop, increasing our overall in park spend."

The Challenge

With 96 exciting acres of rides, slides, wave pools, rivers and kiddie pools, Splish Splash is one of the largest and most notable water parks in the United States. Known for their investment in exciting and innovative rides, the water park has been owned and operated by Palace Entertainment since 2001 and was recently voted one of the top water parks in the country by the Travel Channel. With the park’s increasing popularity, however, came a major operational challenge: managing extremely long wait times for guests. A peak day for Splish Splash could mean as many as 12,000 people spread throughout the park, spending most of their day waiting in line.

After seeing the success of Six Flags White Water, who became the first water park in the world to launch accesso’s virtual queuing technology when they debuted THE FLASH Pass with accesso in 2011, Splish Splash realized they could reduce long lines, drive revenue and increase guest satisfaction with virtual queuing. “It was clear to us that virtual queuing was the future, and Accesso was leading the revolution,” said Mike Bengtson, General Manager.

Real Results


In-Park Spending in the First Season


Increase in Virtual Queuing Per Caps in the First Season


H2Go Passes Sold YTD

The Solution

Splish Splash and accesso created and implemented a custom-branded system named H2Go Pass that used the accesso virtual queuing software and hardware along with kiosks to allow guests to make virtual ride reservations. Since its launch in 2012, H2Go Pass has been wildly successful, selling out within 2 hours on its very first day.

Not only did the solution solve the park’s major pain point of getting guests out of line, but it also increased per cap spend across food & beverage and retail generously (15% in the first year alone) and guest satisfaction surveys went up (4% in year two and 7% in year three). The operations team also had better visibility into wait times so they could track attendance and make real-time modifications. Another benefit was the reduced number of people on the towers at any given time. “From a health and safety perspective, it’s been much more beneficial to have the majority of the lines down at the bottom,” said Bengtson.

When it came to implementation, there were two major considerations: managing the infrastructure and launching the product to guests. “The support we received during our implementation was truly unparalleled,” Bengtson remarked. A big part of guest communication was teaching guests how to use the device. “While the wristband is very intuitive,” says Bengtson, “The first year was really all about guest education, and there was a bit of a learning curve. The one exception was how quickly the kids learned how to use it.” Bengtson laughed, “We had staff members in the park ready to answer questions about how to use H2Go Pass, but the kids would zip right past them.”

"People loved the system from day one. We offered two service levels originally, and we found that we were consistently selling out of the premium offering so much that we had to cap it."

- Mike Bengtson, Splish Splash, General Manager

Our Ongoing Partnership

In addition to virtual queuing, Splish Splash also uses accesso technology to power their eCommerce operations, selling everything from single day tickets to season passes, parking and, of course, their H2Go Passes. The accesso online ticketing system is more than just a simple eCommerce solution – it provides an intuitive shopping experience with powerful up-sells and cross-sells that drive revenue while recommending items that guests want and need to have a better day at the park.

While the technology behind accesso’s solutions is unparalleled, Bengtson and the Splish Splash team have found the focus on outstanding client service to be the company’s key differentiator, and a reason why they expect their partnership to continue for a long time. “The Accesso team has been a solid partner throughout all of our experiences,” said Bengtson, “Their customer service is second to none, and we are excited for what the future holds.”


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