Introducing SkiNow!

Guide your guests to better experiences with accesso’s new SkiNow platform for mobile. With SkiNow, you can provide one centralized place for your guests to access everything they need to enjoy their day, including maps and information, ticketing, virtual queuing, mobile F&B ordering and more. Let the SkiNow app serve as each guest’s digital concierge and personal assistant, unifying their guest experience and expediting access every step of the way.

With SkiNow, you can gain behavioral insights, create guest profiles and send personalized, contextual messages to guide guests to the right experience at the right place and time - driving revenue and maximizing guest satisfaction. Imagine a future that gives each guest the best day possible, and helps your operations team to do more with less. The future is here - SkiNow.

There's no business like snow business, and snow business we know.

Just like a foot of new powder can make a good day great, the right technology can empower your guest to get more out of their day on the hill. At accesso we put the needs of the operator and your skier’s experience at the core of everything we do. From the initial ticket purchase online, to making sure the guest gets the right gear before they hit the hill, to charging their meals to an account while they unwind in the lodge, accesso’s fully integrated solutions deliver a seamless experience to your guests.

The ski industry is changing. A new generation of skiers is bringing higher expectations for an enjoyable day on the slopes. It can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve with limited time and staff resources, but it doesn’t have to be, with accesso’s newest offering for the ski industry: SkiNow!

We’ve been creating powerful, easy-to-use and highly configurable software since our inception. Contact us for a demonstration and we will be happy to show you exactly how accesso’s solutions can be customized to meet your unique needs.

We're here to find the perfect solution just for you.

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  • Tickets and Admissions

    Make selling tickets simple for your operators with our accesso point of sale ticketing solution. With an intuitive touchscreen interface, the Ticketing & Admissions module allows operators to set up and manage users, configure products for sale, manage real-time inventory, generate reports and more.

  • Season Passes

    Our solution provides a fast, reliable system to efficiently manage complex promotions including season passes, loyalty programs, benefits and discount programs.

  • Access Control

    We offer several access control options from kiosks to turnstiles to RFID access to keep your area secure while gathering real-time admissions information. Access Control module works hand-in-hand with the Ticketing and Membership modules to track, and potentially restrict, visitors as they move through your site.

  • Rentals

    Our accesso point of sale solution allows you to rent everything from skis and boards to boots and lockers all at the salespoint. The Rentals suite of products offers a solution for rental shops that is comprehensive and highly configurable. Because rental shops vary widely in their layout and process, the entire system has been designed to be flexible enough to accommodate multiple styles of operation.

  • Cashless & Gift Cards

    Provide a no-hassle way for guest to pay for items and put cashless convenience at your guest's fingertips with robust gift card solutions. The capability of the module goes beyond simple gift cards and allows cards to be used as gift certificates or carry credit for member charging and related functions.

  • Scheduling

    With an intuitive graphic interface, our variety of software tools make scheduling easy and efficient. Book group or private lessons, reserve party rooms, schedule a tour or any other limited capacity resource.